The art of Surrender 5/5

The other day a lovely person asked me a question in regards to surrendering. She asked if I actually say the words “I surrender.”

I thought this was a great question and it prompted me to take a look at what it actually means to me.

You hear ALL THE TIME in recovery – “Let it go!” “Turn it over!” “Surrender it!” “Give it to God.”

I explained that I do not say the actual words “I surrender.”

For me all it is…is the awareness in the moment that I am trying to control the uncontrollable. How do I know I am doing that….my physical body and mind tell me so. I feel angst and stress about whatever the situation is I am trying to control.

When I have had enough stress and angst in my body…I let the thing go. How do I do that….I switch my focus. I take my attention away from it.

I literally have to “turn the other cheek” – look somewhere else. Switch my attention from the thing that is giving me the stress and focus on something else.

It sounds soo simple. It is not. It takes some faith and trust that whatever the situation, it will work out the way it is suppose to without my hands all up in the mix.

I can honestly say that I have NEVER been disappointed in the way things have turned out when I let it go.

I think of what I am letting go of…the angst, the stress and misery the thing is causing me.

Sometimes I have to surrender it or refocus more than once…but it is the awareness and the love of myself that lets me sit and reside in peace rather than in the shit storm.

Published by gracefuladdict

I am a true addict living my life one day at a time in recovery. I have been substance free -meaning NO drugs or alcohol since 5/23/10. My intention is to share my experiences daily in the hopes to free others from the fears of being who they truly are. My wish is to bravely tell my truth so others can tell theirs as well. I want to be free of self hatred and doubt. I want to live a life of joy, kindness, love and grace. Thank you!

26 thoughts on “The art of Surrender 5/5

  1. I’ve worked harder on RELAXING than anything else in my life…strange. But I wouldn’t be alive if I hadn’t and everyday I have to learn how to relax all over again

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  2. Sounds too simple Danielle but it’s bang on the money! πŸ‘πŸ˜ I’ve found the same method to work for me when it comes to alleviating stress or avoiding temptation. Focus on something else completely different! Thanks for your insights as always! πŸ™πŸ˜πŸ‘

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  3. Thank you for writing this. I’m in the middle of a depressive episode I just can’t shake. I pushed myself to go out for my birthday on Saturday. All day I was disassociating and most of the night. I exercised, mediated and took the dog out prior to going out. I wanted to cancel but I also wanted to be out with friends. My friends were proud of me and so was I. I looked calm and relaxed but inside I was shaking. I know it was too much and while it was an achievement. I’ve realised maybe I just need to surrender to this period. I have no choice

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  4. Hey…is that a photo of me…and had a shave too πŸ˜‚ 🀣 Great post dear lady, surrendering can be very difficult due to a lifetime of ‘not’ surrendering. But that first beautiful step of that ‘let go’ begins something wonderful, a love never before touched…ours, and even before we knew it πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

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  5. So far, I’ve surrendered myself to the program. I am working on surrendering the things I can not change. I feel surrendering more can cause me more happiness overall.

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    1. Great insight especially having awareness about trying to control the uncontrollable- I’ll take this away. πŸ˜€πŸ™πŸ»


  6. Surrender has always struck me as a violent word. I’m thinking right now that surrendering is still about control, right? I am Deciding that I am going to give my power to some other entity. “Letting go” is much more apt. Right on, sober sister.

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