Not a moral issue 8/25

I am grateful for the doctors, psychologists, religious folk and every day people that went before me trying to figure out a “cure” for the alcoholic and drug addict.

Carl Jung happened to be one of those people. He understood that the alcoholic was not doing anything but seeking a connection with god.

This meant that it was not a moral issue. It was not due to ignorance, class, height, weight, color, where you came from or who you knew.

I drank and used drugs in an attempt to fill myself in search of a higher energy. It worked for awhile but the fix was only temporary.

Then when I was in rehab over 12 years ago I heard someone say “this is a disease that has a spiritual solution.” I knew – right then and there – this was about god.

Don’t get me wrong…I was in shock when I realized that. But the grace that allowed me to hear it and feel it…is just a miracle.

Jung understood that the only thing that could battle this plight….was spirit. How ironic that the word “spirits” were also used for alcohol.

The quotes I have posted are excerpts from a letter Jung wrote to Bill Wilson, the man accredited for one of the largest recovery movements in the world….Alcoholics Anonymous.

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I am a true addict living my life one day at a time in recovery. I have been substance free -meaning NO drugs or alcohol since 5/23/10. My intention is to share my experiences daily in the hopes to free others from the fears of being who they truly are. My wish is to bravely tell my truth so others can tell theirs as well. I want to be free of self hatred and doubt. I want to live a life of joy, kindness, love and grace. Thank you!

15 thoughts on “Not a moral issue 8/25

  1. Being devoid of faith in a higher power can manifest itself in ways other than drink. There are rageaholics, spendaholics, compulsive gamblers, etc. I see the current need to get injected multiple times with an experimental substance that does not prevent spread–or infection–as an indication of a need to discover our spiritual side as, well as our God-given immune system.

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  2. It is an amazing thing that we cannot understand and appreciate one without doing the same with its opposite. Our answer is always in the thing that we try to avoid. As above (unconditional love), so below (conditional love). Great post dear lady ❤️🙏🏽

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    1. When I read your comment this morning it actually hit me in a different way today. You can hear something a thousand times…and then one day it just clicks! As above “unconditional” so below “conditional”. YESSSSSSSS – I get it. ❤️🌈❤️in a whole new way. Thank you again my friend

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  3. Alcohol in latin is “liquor”, from “liquere”, meaning fluid. NOT “spiritus”. “Spiritus” means breathing, something totally different. I took Latin in high school & college (also German & Spanish). Even without that education, a quick Google search would have told you that. But I bet you got the wrong information from AA because they’ve been telling people that “alcohol means spiritus in Latin” for eons & it is WRONG.

    If alcoholism is a disease, it has nothing to do with god. It is a disease. If you get cancer or you have a mental illness, such as depression or bipolar disorder, these have nothing to do with god as well. I know that people like to blame god for all kinds of things & if that makes them feels better, so be it, but that’s not how disease works.

    Maybe your longing for a communion with god made you drink & quite honestly, that’s understandable, but alcoholism AS A DISEASE has nothing at all to do with god or religion or spiritualism. & lots of spiritual people drink & some of them drink themselves to death. There was a priest at a Catholic Church I attended as a teenager who had a terrible drinking problem, he was three sheets at every Mass, but he gave the best sermons. & consider Chogyam Trunpa, the Buddhist master. He was only 48 when he died of cirrhosis but his spiritual brilliance is still vital today.

    Just as prayer & meditation can aid a person in overcoming ANY problem, including alcoholism, it doesn’t mean that alcoholism is CAUSED by a lack of prayer or religion or spirituality or god in one’s life. No, Alcoholism is not a moral issue but is not a spiritual issue, either. Alcoholism is caused by drinking too much, over a long period of time & usually on a daily basis. That’s the beginning & the end of it.

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    1. Our experiences have just been different that’s all. This is my own experience- I don’t pretend to speak for the masses or even one other person. This is my journey and I thank you for sharing yours as well ❤️


  4. thank you for supplying my history and latin lesson for the day! my research took me here: “Spiritus contra spiritum” literally translates to “spirit against spirit”. i love the visual of this– for me, I picture myself (my spirit: my breath) wrestling with alcohol (the unnecessary spirit). When I add in the benefit of God (my Higher Power/Spirit of choice), it now becomes spirit WITH spirit, against spirit. loving the poetry of that as well ❤

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  5. You know, you are right. I never thought of it that way, but my increase in drinking corresponded with a spiritual void and the beginning of an awakening. My sobriety is a spiritual experience as well, and that is why my yoga teacher has become my mentor

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  6. I heard a quote in a long ago documentary about traditional healing, that highlighted the use of ‘plants’ and ‘various fermentations’ in spiritual traditions – A modern doctor, but from a line of indigenous shamanic healers for his tribe said,

    [paraphrased via what the shaman said, in interview with his grand-nephew, with interpreter over audio (I think I remember the relation correct!) cuz man alive, so ever, ever long ago! But trying my best to do by memory]

    “There is a portion of the human brain and consciousness that seeks connection with the divine, the higher than themselves – we also seek relief from pain and sorrow –

    Many ‘addictive’ substances are merely a shortcut to what a human seeks – for any reason – the poor seek relief from hunger pangs, the traumatized seek relief from their pain. Thus, any relief sought only has one thing to be answered for itself – Is it a help to the path of true healing? Or is it one more master that seeks a slave? Is the healing provided by one who seeks wholeness? Or one who seeks a slave?”

    I’ve never forgotten that – and yet – doncha know? I can’t even BEGIN to tell you what the title of the documentary was OR if I remembered just one thing – or many, over many years – the Grandfather Shaman was on a Peruvian mountainside – taking a group of ‘questers’ for healing – and it discussed the ancient recipe he made for the group (small group) to drink, once at the sacred spot – it was plant(s) that were listed as Schedule II or III ‘narcotics’ in USA – the grand-nephew/son – was sent to USA for college – he couldn’t forget the roots and transformations of his ancestry – even when he had ‘learned’ more –

    That’s what, overall, I remember – made a profound impact upon me.


  7. P.S. – It was, however, the main point I made when talking to my son’s about drug, alchohol, and other substance abuse – why? For them, and me! too! (I started smoking tobacco when I was 16 – talk about addiction on nicotine fronts!!! ) I always tried to frame it along lines of – “Helping? Short-cut? What pain needs addressed?”

    Simply because, I learned over time – most of the food, drinks, etc., I craved, that weren’t
    good for me? If I focused on my overall health, first? I didn’t even crave them! Alas, ya can’t listen to me – I still ingest nicotine everyday – thus, in this world? Still and ‘addict’ and what would I know, really? – That’s the honesty part of my reply – I realize as long as I’m not nicotine free on every single level – whether doctor approved or not (patch, pills, etc) – I can’t really talk about it in any ‘on the other side’ way – but it still – is what it is – I always smoke or want to smoke more (or mix herbal blend with more tobacco!) when life’s pains get harsh – EVEN while I KNOW DURN WELL! It’s a band aid – a short cut – thus – for me? Just ensuring I’m honest about it – because I’m classified as an addict – from past life choices – but I refuse to hide my ‘yup, fell off the wagon’ moments when the use goes up – just because – I’m too busy trying to figure out what pain/sorrow/stress I’m trying to ‘heal’ to deal with keeping with others saying, “I thought you quit – ”

    Me? “And I thought you were on a 30 day sugar free/no shopping/no gambling/exercising/getting in shape’ stint – guess we just disappointed each other and ourselves, didn’t we????


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