Free from what? 9/27

I know when I feel MOST free and it’s usually in nature. I see lots of space and I understand the abundance that this planet provides. The trees, the birds, chipmunks, deer…rivers, plants…etc.

I think for me my desire is to be free from need and worry.

I will always need food and shelter and I understand that. But when I get around other people I think I become sort of influenced regarding the quest for MORE.

I know that the quest for MORE kept me in active addiction for many years. I could never just have one of anything…I HAD TO HAVE MORE.

I am not saying that nice things are not nice. They are very nice. I personally live very nice and very comfortably.

However, when I leave all of my “stuff” behind and I am alone in the woods or on a strip of beach where there is nobody but me, god and my backpack…I feel most free.

Published by gracefuladdict

I am a true addict living my life one day at a time in recovery. I have been substance free -meaning NO drugs or alcohol since 5/23/10. My intention is to share my experiences daily in the hopes to free others from the fears of being who they truly are. My wish is to bravely tell my truth so others can tell theirs as well. I want to be free of self hatred and doubt. I want to live a life of joy, kindness, love and grace. Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Free from what? 9/27

  1. The expectations go to sleep as we don’t expect anything in nature. Not on guard for anything but the delight of seeing it in its own natural, beautiful way. And that way it will always surprise us. Great post Danielle, may we all find our natural way 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    1. Yesssss!!! That’s what I’m looking for freedom from the expectations- very well said. It hit me. I don’t put any expectations on nature…I appreciate – adjust and adapt to whatever is -ITS UNCONDITIONAL coming from meeee❤️❤️❤️🙏thank you Mark!

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