Loosen the grip 3/19

I was listening to Sadhguru share on letting go.

He kept saying “loosen your grip”.

I related to this easily.

When my cat Pickles was ill and getting ready to transition to the other side…I was waking up with my hands clenched into fists.

My grip…I was somehow trying to hold on and control the uncontrollable.

Pickles passed peacefully in our home and we were blessed with our new kitten Eve…such a gift.

Since that time I have not forgotten those clenched fists and I try to take notice…if and when I am holding on to something to tightly.

It starts with material things…like the steering wheel of my car, my coffee cup…my pen…my phone… a book…my hairbrush. I become aware…and loosen my grip.

The physical gives me the clues that my mental might be stressed.

At times I am moving to fast to pay attention to my stress level…so this is a quick trick to bring my awareness back to it’s proper place – the present moment.

I loosen the grip and take a breath. This works for me.

Published by gracefuladdict

I am a true addict living my life one day at a time in recovery. I have been substance free -meaning NO drugs or alcohol since 5/23/10. My intention is to share my experiences daily in the hopes to free others from the fears of being who they truly are. My wish is to bravely tell my truth so others can tell theirs as well. I want to be free of self hatred and doubt. I want to live a life of joy, kindness, love and grace. Thank you!

22 thoughts on “Loosen the grip 3/19

    1. It’s nice to hear from you and I have been browsing your site a bit – it seems we both faced illness to bring us closer to the important things in life – letting go – little by slow of everything that’s not love ❤️

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  1. I remember so much of that Danielle, holding on with closed fists and all my inner heart and mind closed too. It takes a little while to let it all go but the beauty in that ‘let go’ is a love like no other. Great share kind lady, may your heart be open and never feel that enclosed again 😀❤️🙏🏽

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      1. What a world we live in today. Every person and every prayer helps to make the world a better place. Thank you for your humble shares. .God bless..🙏

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