13 Years ago today 5/23

Today is the day that the Grace of God entered my life…and I accepted it5/23/2010.

This picture was taken by my mom days before I entered into treatment for my drug and alcohol addiction.

The moment in time where I said “enough” was me stumbling on my front lawn trying to get my son off the bus…looking like this.

He wiping his 7 year old tears away from his eyes and saying “I got this” as he walked down the stairs of the bus.

From that day forward I have been blessed beyond belief with miracles in my life. I have worked at my recovery, I have been carried by the angels in heaven and on this planet when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore.

I have felt god.

I have connected purely with others. Dropping all judgement and loving unconditionally.

My heart and soul sing daily even when the outside world appears dark and grim…my soul still sings.

Thank you god – thank you thank you thank you.

Published by gracefuladdict

I am a true addict living my life one day at a time in recovery. I have been substance free -meaning NO drugs or alcohol since 5/23/10. My intention is to share my experiences daily in the hopes to free others from the fears of being who they truly are. My wish is to bravely tell my truth so others can tell theirs as well. I want to be free of self hatred and doubt. I want to live a life of joy, kindness, love and grace. Thank you!

63 thoughts on “13 Years ago today 5/23

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary Danielle. I will be sober for three years this coming September. It’s still hard with everyone around me still drinking…but when I consider my two granddaughters–this is my gift to them!

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    1. That is amazing!! The first few years were very difficult and really confusing for me. But it most certainly became easier in time and having your granddaughters to hold near and dear and be present for -is priceless! ❤️🙏❤️

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  2. Congratulations, Danielle!!!! I thank God for your beautiful soul and your willingness to do what it takes day by day, moment by moment, to recognize and celebrate your worth and the worth of others.

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  3. You wouldn’t be where you are today without having struggled through your yesterdays…They led you to this place you are in now and you are happy with God in your heart. We all must learn to embrace the darkness willingly and without fear in order to know and appreciate the light…. You have done this well and it shows in your smile….Well done my friend…..VK ❤

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  4. It took courage to write this moment in your life and even more to add the picture. You are strong and courageous. You are helping more people than you will ever know. Planting seeds of hope and watering with encouragement. You are amazing, Danielle. So blessed to know you. ♥️

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  5. As difficult as that photo was to look at, it certainly validates that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It is definitely a picture of you in the past, and I hope it gets buried under pictures of you since then – present and in the future! Congratulations overcoming this demon of addiction!

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    1. Such a demon it is…it almost took my life – multiple times❤️but today I am proud and grateful for where I have been! Thank you for your continued love and support my friend! ❤️❤️


  6. Your refreshingly honest, transparent ‘Grace Gratitude’ testimony radiates from your smile. Thank you for this needed inspirational reminder of God’s unquenchable “…beauty for ashes…” Love, and that we’re not alone here in the battles we struggle with on life’s journey . . .

    “Two are better than one, for when the fall, one will help the other up.” Ecc.4:9-10

    Be Blessed Danielle

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    1. Excellent!! We know the road of recovery is tough and we lose many on the way…but we keep going and sharing so we can help others ❤️❤️thank you my friend – your blog title says it ALL WALKING IN FREEDOM! Yes!


  7. Congratulations and thank you so much for taking care of yourself. It’s such a hard road of clearing out so much junk that keeps the world from seeing us and not our pain. But more of us and our light and less of the pain is what we need. So to 13 years and many more to you! Thank you!

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  8. A very beautiful heartwarming post Danielle. It is a big journey, but that lovely and profound light within it is beyond words…a grace indeed. I am glad to hear your heart sing all these words my friend. Big, big hugs 😀❤️🙏

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    1. You have helped and guided me these last two years Mark. Allowing me to keep opening my heart even when the fear was covering it with pain. I appreciate you more than I could ever express. 🙏❤️

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      1. Thank you Danielle. With a great love God showed me my heart…I can do no other than show you what He gave me. Glad to see the Grace of that opening in your heart…from the power of His words 😀❤️🙏


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