“I Gotta Be Me”- Sammy Davis Jr.

If you have the time (and if I put the link up properly) please listen to this fantastic song by Sammy Davis Jr!! https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkx3dwPiV1WhnvkybN9bZpSi4OtMz8vi7bs The lyrics: Whether I’m right or whether I’m wrongWhether I find a place in this world or never belong I gotta be me, I’ve gotta be meWhat else can I beContinue reading ““I Gotta Be Me”- Sammy Davis Jr.”

They courageously share 11/21

Even though I have been attending recovery meetings for over 12 years…the energy in the rooms still amazes me and Friday nights meeting was no different. The meeting was opened by a recovering friend named Jimmy. Before he introduced the speaker he had chosen for that night…Jimmy just gushed with gratitude. He told us thatContinue reading “They courageously share 11/21”

What are these???!!?11/20

On my walk yesterday morning I came across one beautiful PURPLE bushel of what ever these berries are!! I was beyond happy because purple is my absolute favorite color and I have never seen a purple berry before!! ( I mean maybe in Willy Wonka’s world) The berries actually matched the coat I was wearingContinue reading “What are these???!!?11/20”

I am a fish – my thoughts – the bait 11/17

I keep learning about the play of life. The beauty the nonsense the funny the scary the anxious the kind and the rough. The impatient the relaxed the millions of different states that this physical body can feel in any given day. I watch them all come and go. Some I might get caught upContinue reading “I am a fish – my thoughts – the bait 11/17”

A common thread 11/16

Something that I have learned by being in recovery is that each addicts experiences might have been different…but the feelings that connect us are all the same. The feelings of desperation and shame that the active addict feels to get more drugs and hide themselves from the world seems to be a common thread. BecauseContinue reading “A common thread 11/16”