Awareness…Now what? 6/27

I received a question from my fellow blogger friend Janine the other day and it prompted a post. Her question was: “Do you think people change if they can/do reflect on their behavior? If they have self awareness?” In my experience yes…self awareness is the beginning. But then what? When I was in active addictionContinue reading “Awareness…Now what? 6/27”

To identify and not compare 6/24

This is a concept that I was first introduced to in recovery. I was taught when someone was sharing their thoughts and feelings at a meeting to “identify” with the speaker and not “compare” myself to them. Coming into the rooms of recovery there is every walk of life imaginable. Much to my surprise thereContinue reading “To identify and not compare 6/24”

What does addiction have to do with it? 6/21

The other day I received a comment on a post that got me thinking. The person was wondering what addiction had to do with the topic that I had posted about. Such a good comment because it made me realize not everybody knows. Not everybody knows that EVERYTHING that I encounter in this life, everyContinue reading “What does addiction have to do with it? 6/21”